Sunday, January 8, 2012

Xmas gifts and more thrifted stuff

Here is a shot of some of the things I got for Christmas. The pin up photo book, which I picked out at the store, is from The Saint, and the recipe box, coaster set and credit card box are from my friend Jane. The pink credit card box says "Let's talk about how fabulous you think I am.."  Therecipe box and coasters say "Make yourself at home, clean my kitchen!"  Jane also got me a few other things with the same retro ladies on them, these are perfect for my kitchen. I sell antiques and collectibles to support Jane's dog rescue group, from which I adopted my dog.

Here are 2 cookbooks I scored at a local thrift, which usually never has anything that could be considered vintage. The Betty Crocker's Hostess Cookbook is from 1967 and has a cool TIKI photo--the thrift gods smiled upon me! The paperback desserts booklet is from the 1960s also.

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