Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Call me Clifton!

This past weekend The Saint and I went to the Hot Rod Hoedown and Rockabilly Rumble, which is exactly what it sounds like. We saw hot rods, customs, classics, and a few rockabilly bands. I passed out copies of Bachelor Pad Magazine and was careful to only hand them to people who looked (a) like they would understand the magazine and (b) would not punch me in the face. 
I also shopped! I bought an interesting mechanic's shirt that has been screen printed on the back. The name tag on the shirt is "Clifton." I washed it and once I iron it I will wear it to tonite's estate auction.

I also bought a tweedy wool cape-style 1950s coat, very Barbara Billingsley. No sleeves, just slits for your arms. Dig the detail around the buttons. As soon as I find a matching deerstalker cap I will be good to go, haha.

I also got this stunning black evening coat from the Paris shop in Wilkes Barre Pa. The Saint is from Wilkes Barre and I am from Scranton so I was psyched to find this. It is in excellent condition and the buttons have black rhinestones on them. The fabric is a soft twill and the coats is very dressy. My mom said the Paris shop was very expensive.  My poor photography does not bring out the garment's awesomeness. If  I am ever invited to attend an opera in a Rolls Royce I will be ready.

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