Friday, January 28, 2011

Winter Junking Doldrums

Due to either the holidays or the bad weather I havent been able to get to the weekly estate auction that I usually attend in order to purchase lots of retro goodies, collectibles and old junk. I must therefore rest on my laurels and post pics of some past finds.  A total score: vintage 1950s Sputnik light fixture. YES! Shown in situ here at the pad. Estate sale. It wasn't for offered for sale but by the time I got through with them it was. Some call it nagging, some call it whining, I call it Perserverence.

Mr. Ree! Film Noir style whodunnit board game from the 1940s. This was the precursor to Clue. This one has so much more cache. Game tokens include a knife, a poison bottle and other delightful murderous weapons. Fun!

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  1. Aaaaah the beloved Estate Sale...Be still my beating heart! Great scores! :)